Testimony of a Vice Principal

It gives me great pleasure to endorse the "Annual Celebration of the Season of Nonviolence" Project. It is my hope that each of us will realize the urgency of making a positive and powerful difference in our up-close and immediate environments--home, school, and community.

As stated by Nelson Mandela on the website, www.seasonofnonviolence.com., "Education is the most powerful weapon we have to change society." The details of the Educational Plan for the Annual Celebration of the Season of Nonviolence are clearly and concisely stated, including relevant links and other pertinent resources that provide a wealth of information that will facilitate the successful execution of this project. I truly believe that the productive life-changing experiences gained through participation in this project will become a mind renewing and spiritually uplifting shift that will create improved character, moral strength, solid self-confidence, wise decision making, and a consistently positive attitude toward self and others. In other words, this project can be the potent catalyst that creates youth leaders for today and the future; reminds stakeholders of their awesome influence and power; and engages students, parents, relatives, teachers, administrators, supervisors, and community leaders and partners in one of the most urgent, rewarding, and life-saving projects of their lifetime.

The time is now. We have today. We cannot afford to wait. We do not need to wait on laws and regulations because this project is a project rooted in the minds, hearts, spirits, and the belief system of the democratic society of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We must move forward. We must get beyond the senseless confusion, apathy, biasness, and deceit that has changed our country into a dangerous and unpredictable community.

Please enable the "Annual Celebration of the Season of Nonviolence" project to flood our public schools with activities, processes, experiences, engagements, and connections that will enhance the lives of our children and young people forever.

As an assistant principal at Princess Anne High School, Virginia Beach, Virginia, I participated in and joyfully witnessed the wonderful enthusiasm and the powerful effects that the "Annual Celebration of the Season of Nonviolence" had on my students. It was always a life-changing experience.

Ms. Barbara Y. Saulsberry
Retired, Assistant Principal