Celebration of the Season of Nonviolence

January 30 to April 4 in Educational Institutions

Mahatma Gandhi Assassinated: January 30, 1948 • Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated: April 4, 1968

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Nelson Mandela

"Education is the most powerful weapon we have to change society." -- Nelson Mandela

Educational Plan for the Annual Celebration of the Season of Nonviolence

Let us work together to overcome the unacceptable level of violence in our beloved Country. Contact your School Administrator and/or School Board Members at your local schools with this education plan. Let the halls of our public schools resound with the ideals and successes of nonviolence. Through knowledge empower the students with skills for a nonviolent life style.

Keep Martin Luther King, Jr's DREAM OF NONVIOLENCE alive.

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Words cannot express our appreciation for all the Interspirituality Empowerment Project friends that came out to support the Art of Humanity Season for Nonviolence Celebration on Saturday, April 13! We are grateful to Herta Okonkwo for starting this movement in our region. The young people who share their experiences in cultivating a culture of love, peace and nonviolence in their classrooms and communities were inspiring! Teens with a Purpose Artivists, Cason, Jessica, and Imagine and the Little Theater of Virginia Beach performers were powerful and transformational as they moved people's hearts through the arts! Our young people were able to secure an ongoing commitment to continue to support the Season for Nonviolence from Virginia Beach leaders Mayor Bobby Dyer and Superintendent Dr. Aaron Spence!

Heroes of Nonviolence

To celebrate the Season of Nonviolence let the student council initiate activities to promote the ideals of nonviolence and choose one of its heroes or an advocate for our planet.

Let the Student Council Initiate Weekly Activities

Each day, once a day, perform an act of kindness
Daily announce one act of kindness
Create Sadako Sasaki Peace Cranes
Treat all animals with kindness
Point out historical events of nonviolence
Explore ways to protect our natural environment
Choose games, toys and entertainment void of violence
Practice listening skills and refrain from foul language
Eat nourishing food and promote self-esteem with a positive mindset
Oppose racism
Celebrate the success of the Season of Nonviolence

This is a door sign and a bumper sticker (for schools, offices. stores). Order from House of Printing 757-631-6313 or your local print shop. Use as a fund raiser.