Celebration of the Season of Nonviolence

January 30 to April 4 in Educational Institutions

Mahatma Gandhi Assassinated: January 30, 1948 • Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated: April 4, 1968

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela

Testimony of a Vice Principal

It gives me great pleasure to endorse the "Annual Celebration of the Season of Nonviolence" Project. It is my hope that each of us will realize the urgency of making a positive and powerful difference in our up-close and immediate environments--home, school, and community.

Please enable the "Annual Celebration of the Season of Nonviolence" project to flood our public schools with activities, processes, experiences, engagements, and connections that will enhance the lives of our children and young people forever.

As an assistant principal at Princess Anne High School, Virginia Beach, Virginia, I participated in and joyfully witnessed the wonderful enthusiasm and the powerful effects that the "Annual Celebration of the Season of Nonviolence" had on my students. It was always a life-changing experience.

Ms. Barbara Y. Saulsberry
Retired, Assistant Principal